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Move to Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Many just want a warm, comfortable climate where the living is easier and the people are friendly. An equally large number want more out of life than just existing in a nine-to-five job that they hate, they want to live, and work, where they will be able to enjoy their life. A lot of foreigners in Mexico have moved there with their families or to enjoy their retirement years. They live in Mexico full-time and enjoy better weather, a more relaxed lifestyle, and a host of other benefits, —including affordable top-quality health care and a much lower overall cost of living.

The U.S. embassy in Mexico City estimates that there are more than 600,000 Americans living in Mexico. And an estimated 300,000 Canadians live in Mexico, at least part-time. While it's hard to verify that number, it's not hard to imagine that it's true. What surprises most people about Los Cabos is the sense of community they find when moving here. People here are involved – whether working to keep Cabo environmentally sound or getting involved with a charity to help homeless children - doing it hand in hand with the Mexican citizens here who have so warmly welcomed here a lot of foreigners as neighbors.

owning in Mexico Ventanas you are thinking of becoming a part of incredible community of Los Cabos you do not have to worry about medical services. Now you can find professional doctors, emergency services and drugstores that will offer excellent service and healthcare for you and your loved ones. In addition in Cabo you can also find nutritionists, psychotherapy and plastic surgery services, among of which you can choose the right professional or healthcare provider.

If you are planning to send your kids to school here, Los Cabos boasts enough primary and secondary schools, training schools for workers and higher secondary schools to satisfy nearly 100 percent of the educational demand in the urban areas of San Jose del Cabo and San Lucas Cape. In the rural area, mainly in the homesteads, basic education is taught through rural school housings.

We call this wonderful place home. And just as we were once welcomed to join this special community, we now extend that invitation to you. Live Los Cabos!


Happy Costumers

I was looking for a place to retire and wanted to check out Mexico, Panama & Ecuador. I found Ventanas in the internet and came here to visit. Victor was very helpful, friendly and professional.

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Owning in Mexico

Mexican government recognized the need to make Real Estate foreign investment safer and easier for foreigners. The Mexican Constitution prohibits non-Mexicans from purchasing or owning real....

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Move to Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos has become the preferred warm retirement destination in Mexico, witch offers the most varied and fun entertaining options, as well has the best prestigious places in the world.

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